Gear faults predicted at a major Canada based metal manufacturer

A gearbox installed at a major Canadian steel producer had historically encountered failures due to:

  • Gear Fracture
  • Overheating
  • Shaft Fracture
  • Tooth Fracture

Failures on this critical asset caused unplanned downtime and spillage of hazardous substances on the site.

Some of the contributing factors for these failures were as follows:

  • Gear Fracture – caused by bearing failure, incorrect assembly etc.
  • Tooth Fracture – caused by process related excessive wear, bearing failure, pitting/spalling
  • Shaft Fracture – caused by coupling failure, bearing failure
  • Overheating – caused by Oil line failure, filter bowl failure

As can be seen, bearing failure was responsible for 75% of failures.

Introduction of VibrationLF system:

The VibrationLF system is especially suited for various kinds of bearing failures such as:

  • Bearing Inner Race Failure
  • Bearing outer race failure
  • Bearing Cage failure
  • Bearing ball failure

Based on our vibration analysis, we were able to identify an early stage bearing failure and recommended a bearing replacement ahead of the planned maintenance cycle. This saved our client an unplanned outage that could have resulted in over $1 million dollars in lost revenue.


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Bearing fault predicted at a major petrochemical company based out of Asia


An air compressor installed at a major petrochemical plant in Asia recently experienced a major unplanned outage due to a turbine failure that resulted in lost revenue of $2 million. Our VibrationLF sensor and software was installed and within a few days provided an estimated time to failure that was ahead of the next planned outage. The client utilized a maintenance window to replace the faulty bearing saving the customer up to $2 million in lost revenue.

Introduction of VibrationLF system:

Based on the vibration features, within few days, it pointed out the remaining time to bearing  failure based on the threshold value for the RMS data of the bearing provided by the bearing manufacturer and hence suggested a bearing replacement well in advance. This saved our client a potential unplanned shutdown, and saved close to a $2 million dollars in otherwise lost revenue.


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