Nanoprecise Sci Corp was initially founded as a material characterization company offering cutting edge solutions in material failure analysis. After experiencing a fact that the failure analysis services are so important to the industry from an insurance standpoint, we imagined how important would it to predict and prevent such failures from happening in the first place.

Thus, we pivoted toward predictive maintenance and asset failure prediction.

Through holistic research and development, we created a set of patented technologies that solves a range of asset management problems in a variety of industries. Our solutions embrace the IoT revolution that is pervading throughout these industries and uses cutting edge data science models to monitor and predict asset failure.

We worked hard & continuously innovated to reached a stage where we effectively combined physics, material science with data analytics to create breakthrough products. This is the reason why we call ourselves an “Engineering Analytics” company.






To commercialize our products: VibrationLF, FatigueLF, CorrosionLF & CoatingLF in every industry.


To chart models or functions so as to be able to predict the remaining useful life of any asset in any industry during any point in it’s lifetime with more than 99% accuracy.


Risk Taking

We are founded on the basis of experimentation & learn. Thus, we highly value the risk taking the ability of individuals towards learning & adopting new technologies.

Precision & Consistency

We stand for our precision and consistency. We ensure that there is no difference in the way we deal with our existing or the first time client. We provide the same consistent good quality service.


We think that integrity starts within oneself first & then spreads outside. Thus, we have cultivated an ethical, open & disciplined atmosphere among our team. This reflects in our work and thus we are able to show the same kind of integrity towards our customers.


We believe that true leadership is the one which creates more leaders from within. Thus, every team member we train, we hope to see them as future leaders in their own field.

Customer Satisfaction & Accountability

We deliver what we promise. We are committed to customer satisfaction and hence will do everything that is ethically correct to meet client’s demands. We take responsibility for what we do.