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Bringing 4th industrial revolution

Step 1

Wireless Nanoprecise sensor mounted on the assets

Step 2

Sensor data wirelessly transferred to cloud in the real time

Step 3

Machine Learning algorithms learn from the patterns in the data

Step 4

Dashboard for real time health of the industrial assets is available on multiple devices

About Us

Nanoprecise was born out of a need to address the inefficiency, safety and hazardous nature of heavy industry. It all started with a safety incident at a process plant, which led us to a thought that if we could predict the remaining useful life of an asset, the safety incidents due to that asset can be reduced to nil. Thus, Nanoprecise was founded with a strong, simple yet lofty vision of creating end to end integrated systems & models that are able to predict the remaining useful life of any asset in any industry at any point during its lifetime with more than 99% accuracy.
We strive to bring cutting edge diagnostic and prognostic solutions to equipment and structural failures of various assets and provide a simple five point value proposition:
- Reduce unplanned downtime to zero
- Enable better maintenance planning and a safe work environment for all
- Maximize the useful life of asset and reduce waste
- Manpower rationalization towards higher skilled and safer occupations
- Insights & decisions based on predictions that have 99% accuracy or more
Our patented combination of material science inspired physics, unique signal processing methods and proprietary data science algorithms are especially suited for reliability applications that yield unparalleled accuracy on a consistent basis. We have automated our solutions to such an extent that once a sensor is connected to the Internet (which takes only a few seconds), everything runs automatically until an imminent failure is detected and alerts are issued.


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Customer Stories

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